When you have written a book, you should feel very proud of your accomplishments. Writing a book is a challenging endeavour, but one that feels immensely rewarding come the end. However, after so many thousands of words, it’s easy to lose sight of the little errors in your syntax, spelling, and thought process. When you need someone to proofread and adjust your book, you can rely upon us to edit your book for you. With our book proofreading service, you will receive:
  • A professional editing of your book, editing the book in the language that was previously used.
  • Filtering and editing of all sentences that are unclear and/or could be otherwise misconstrued.
  • Adjustment and optimisation of your book from page to page, making it flow much more naturally.

By applying our knowledge of editing to your book, we can remove any confusion and uncertainty that might reign within the pages. This allows you to know that you are getting a book back that is in much better condition than what you had previously used.

For help with making sure you have a book that can be easily put to a publisher without errors and mistakes, contact BUSINESS today. Once finished, we can send you an edited version of the book that shows you what was changed in every sentence. We’ll also send you a ‘clean’ edition, which contains all of our edits without any of the changes being tracked. This version can then be sent to readers and publishers.