For anyone who is looking to improve the content of their resume or CV, you can rely upon our team to edit it for you. By using a proven method to proofread and then edit the CV, we make sure you stick out from the pile sitting on your prospective new employers’ desk. In this service, we’ll offer a range of features.

For one, we’ll go through and edit every part of the structure of the CV. We’ll find a more attractive way to get across the same information in a way that is much clearer to the reader.
We’ll also clean up every aspect of the structure, removing unclear sentences. Along the way, we’ll proofread everything, editing in the language you would normally use.

We’ll provide you with a ‘clean’ file, and also a file that shows you every change that we made. This makes it easy for you to see just how much/little work was needed to try and turn around your resume to be something perfectly suited to your needs.

For that reason, we recommend you look at getting your resume and/or your CV optimised to help increase your chances of landing the job you want.