When you go the effort of writing a thesis and/or dissertation for your academic studies, it needs to be impressive. Not only do the ideas need to be easily understood by the academic faculty who review your content, they need to be well-written. However, with so much time spent researching and then writing your thesis/dissertation, you might lose sight of issues in the writing itself.

From spelling mistakes to syntax errors, you can find that we can give you all the assistance you need to turn this around. This service includes making sure you receive a much cleaner take on the dissertation. By proofreading and editing the content, we can remove all unclear language and uncertain sentences. We can also work with you to edit the language that is being used, ensuring that it makes sense and suits the academic level that you are reaching to try and achieve.

When we finish your project, you’ll be provided with two separate files. One will show the original content and what we edited to show you how much work was done. The other file is a ‘clean’ edited version, with all of the changes made but none of the changes tracked.